I have used Carlson’s door pinner for quite a while now. In all that time, I have never had any issues with the pinner. When we run out of pins, the light always come on to let us know to reload the guns, and it is always accurate. The joints are always pressed tightly, and using the Carlson pinner has increased production at my plant by 25%! I wouldn’t use any other machine. The expertise and knowledge of their staff can’t be beat either.
Chris Cimino, President of Cimino’s Cabinet Doors Inc

Our company is a one stop shop for cabinet makers in the southeast. We supply both cope and stick and mitered doors to our customers. In our plant, we have two of the Carlson Pro Max 1000 pinners. These are very dependable, low maintenance, and easy to operate machines. Between the two machines we have done well over a million doors. We are proud to use these machines that are manufactured here in the USA.
Jason Edenfield, Production Manager at Georgia Hardwoods