Parts & Services

The CSE Automation, LLC Service Team is committed to helping you with your high performance maintenance strategies.

  • Improve Uptime

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • Improve Safety

  • Increase Capacity and Productivity

  • Our skilled Service Team provides:

  • Replacement Parts

  • One-Call Technical Support

  • On-Site Machine Repair

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • In-Factory Rebuilds

  • Retrofit to New Technology

  • Training – Maintenance and Operator

  • Our Service Team services all our machines

    CSE Automation, LLC supports all of our machines in the field, no matter when you bought them or how long you’ve been using them.

    We offer a complete line of consumable items

    We offer a complete line of cutting tools, electrical and pneumatic parts, saw and weld fixtures, control upgrades, Teflon paper and other items to maintain and service your machines. Below is just a small sample of our offerings.

    Call us about your needs today!

  • Leuco and Dress saw blades

  • Wemaro copy router bits

  • Tilt latch router bits

  • XYCOM and Axiom replacement computers

  • Allen-Bradley, Jetter or your preferred controller

  • Fuses, relays, voltage converters and thermocouples

  • Saw motors and servo motors

  • THK and Star rails and bearings

  • Gear rack assemblies

  • Motor drive belts

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    Historical Machines

    Single Head Saws

    • MS-550 Automatic Compound Miter Saw

    • BG-10 Metal Cutting Miter Saw

    • S-4 Portable Miter Saw

    • SC-25 Circular Table Saw

    • SD-17S Automatic Compound Miter Saw

    • SD-32 Automatic Feed And Cut-Off Saw

    • UCS-350 Automatic Miter Saw

    • UCS-420 Automatic Miter Saw

    • UCS-500 Large Capacity Miter Saw

    • UCS-500 Compound Miter Saw

    V-Notch Saws

    • GL-142P Automatic Glassbead Saw

    • SD-31 V-Notch Double Miter Saw

    Double Miter Saws

    • SD-16S Double Compound Miter Saw

    • SD-24 Double Miter Saw

    • SD-500 Double Miter Saw

    Fabrication Saws

    • GB-200 Glass Bead Fabrication Center

    • DMF-16 Automated Fabrication Saw

    • DMF-20 Automated Fabrication Saw

    • DMS-16 Automated Fabrication Saw


    • KF-310 Three Head Copy Router

    • KF-330 Three Head Copy Router

    • F-100 Single Head Copy Router

    • KF-226 Single Head Copy Router

    • KF-227 Single Head Copy Router

    • KF-228 Twin Head Copy Router

    • SK-8/2 Two Headed Weepslot Router

    • Tilt Latch Router

    • Pivot Bar Router

    • CR-1 Single Head Copy Router

    • CR-2 Twin Head Copy Router

    End Mills

    • AKF-106 Automatic End Mill

    • AKF-125 Automatic End Mill

    • F-120 Manual End Mill

    • F-125 End Mill

    • AK-255 Automatic End Mill

    • EM-6 Automatic End Mill

    Misc. Fabrication

    • Meeting Rail Drill Table

    • Automatic Meeting Rail Drill Table

    • Twin Spindle Sash Processor

    Single Head Welders

    • SLV Single Head Vinyl Welder

    • SW-1 Single Head Vinyl Welder

    Two Head Welders

    • TW-2 Twin Head Vinyl Welder

    • L-2 Twin Head Vinyl Welder

    • LV-2 Twin Head Vinyl Welder

    • 2HW Twin Head Vinyl Welder

    Multi Head Welders

    • I-4 Inline 4 Head Vinyl Welder

    Four Head Welders

    • VW-4 Automatic Vertical Four Point Welder

    • WSA 2500 Automatic Horizontal Four Point Welder

    • HHW-4 Quad Head Horizontal Welder

    • VW-4000 Quad Head Vertical Welder


    • WC-II Automatic Weldseam Cleaning Machine

    • WP-OF-4 Automatic Weldseam Cleaning Machine

    • WP-BF 4B Automatic Weldseam Cleaning Machine

    • WC Auto Disc Weldseam Cleaner

    • THC Twinhead Weldseam Cleaner

    • THC Disc Twinhead Auto Disc Weldseam Cleaner

    • WP-IS-CNC Auto Disc Weldseam Cleaning Machine

    • WP-CNC-2H Flow Thru Weldseam Cleaner & Processing Center

    Corner Crimpers

    • EV-175 Corner Crimper

    Vinyl Benders

    • Manual PVC Extrusion Bending Machine

    • Hot Air Bender