Sash Assembly

Sash Assembly

These machines have been designed to automatically clamp and fasten wood, composite and aluminum window sash. These machines can be set
up to be horizontal or vertical and to be manually loaded or have a powered conveyor to feed sash to and from this station.

Our Sash Assembly machines will:

  • Increase Productivity

  • Improve Product Quality

  • Increase Profits

  • Improve Safety

ProMax Sash Clamp

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The ProMax Frame and Sash Clamp is designed to automatically clamp and fasten wood and aluminum window sashes or frames. This machine is capable of producing 400+ sashes or frames per eight hour shift depending on options selected. This semi-automatic frame clamp and sash assembly clamp features fast and infinite product height and width adjustment within the minimum and maximum constraints of the machine. The ProMax Frame and Sash Clamp is specifically designed to accommodate the fastener of your choice in the locations that you desire. The four fastening modules include fastening tools, safety sensors, fastener placement shift assemblies and down clamps. Machine functions are air powered with programmable electrical controls for accurate and reliable operation.

ProMax Frame or Sash Clamp Literature Sheet

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