Precision Sealant Application Table

  • Automatic table for precise application of hot or cold sealant to glazing area

  • Sealant application capacity – 72” x 118” (73.5” maximum frame or sash width). Expanded bed model available for 96” x 118” capacity

  • Automatic height adjustment of head sensor and applicator provides a total of four axes of control – X, Y, Z1, Z2

  • Automatic corner detection and non-contact edge tracking system that compensates for bowed or skewed units for consistent application of sealant from reference edge

  • True divided light tracing capability

  • Available as a manually loaded table or with powered in- and out-feed conveyors for automated operation

  • Operator interface via industrial grade PC workstation with flat panel, liquid crystal display, touch screen functionality and operation software directly developed by Carlson Controls Engineering Group for optimum efficiency

Operator interface via industrial grade PC workstation with flat panel liquid crystal color display, touch screen functionality and
Windows-based operating system.


  • 12.1” Active Matrix screen

  • Pentium III 850 Mhz processor

  • Simplified user-friendly screens

  • Greater control of production data at the point of operation

  • Detailed fault screen with text messages, pictorial trouble- shooting guidelines and direct view of PLC

Precision Sealant Application Table

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