Premier Drawer Slide Machine

The Premier Drawer Slide Machine has been designed to predrill, clamp and fasten drawer slides to cabinet and furniture drawers. The machine design as standard has four screwdriving tools, two for each drawer slide. Each screwdriver tool can shift along the length of the drawer slide driving screws in different locations as required by the length of the drawer and slide pilot hole locations. Drills are incorporated to pre-drill pilot holes needed for the drawer slide screwdrivers. This machine is designed to accommodate different face front offsets. Machine functions are air powered with programmable electrical controls for accurate and reliable operation.

  • Heavy Duty Frame

  • Low Maintenance

  • Powered Size Adjustments

  • Precision Linear Bearings

  • Programmable Controller

  • Overhead Mar-Proof Clamping

Premier Drawer Slide Machine Literature Sheet

Product Video:

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